Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 7 September 21 Sarapiqui Rainforest

This morning we had breakfast before we were met by our driver from Selva Verde Lodge for the 2 hour transfer to Selva Verde Lodge.  Selva Verde is owned by Giovanna Holbrook and Holbrook Travel.  Selva Verde is more than a lodge and more than a rainforest reserve. It is your gateway into a magical world of towering Almendro trees, Mantled Howler Monkeys, and Keel Billed Toucans. Immerse yourself in tropical nature as you hike through deep green forest or reflect quietly in a comfortable hammock. Discover something new as you encounter Selva Verde's amazing wildlife and vibrant people. Rekindle your sense of wonder and experience the out-of-the-ordinary. Experience Selva Verde!  As one of Costa Rica's legendary eco lodges, we are committed to a sustainable future - not only for Selva Verde, but for the people and wildlife that call the Sarapiqui home. We proudly carry and support Costa Rica's Certification for Sustainable Tourism. We actively work with conservation partners, including the Sarapiqui Conservation Learning Center, to promote conservation and environmental education throughout the local community. 
This afternoon Alex Ramirez, Selva Verde’s excellent guide, took us on a terrific hike in the preserve.  We crossed the suspension bridge to cross the river – and John thought he was funny to make the bridge swing!  UGH!!!!  But I did make it across and enjoyed the hike.  We enjoyed learning about the plants as well as seeing the different animals in the forest.  We did meet up with a Road Scholar group while hiking the trails and that was great as Holbrook Travel handles all the Road Scholar groups in not only Costa Rica but throughout Central & South America and parts of Africa. 
We returned back across the bridge and both Alex and John got into the fun of swinging the bridge!  Not even nice!!!!!!  John and I then walked over to the bungalows – whew what a hike going up the hill!  They do need a golf cart to help with the luggage and even with the walk.  We did come back down on the covered walkway and it was much easier – but we decided that even though there were air-conditioned rooms, we would prefer the river rooms.  We returned back to sit out and enjoy the beauty of Selva Verde and enjoy a nice cold beer!  We met another family from GA, they were visiting their daughter who was in the Peace Corp.  After our terrific dinner we went to the reception to download our photos and look forward to tomorrow’s adventure and it will be my BIRTHDAY!

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