Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 5 September 19 Arenal Volcano

This morning we got up and had a nice breakfast buffet before we were met by our guide and transferred down the road a bit to where we got ready for our ATV ride.  We were given the instructions for the ride and the vehicle and then went on their practice ride and we were set and ready for the real ride!  We drove up and down the roads to view the volcano, we drove to Rio Arenal and then went to a bit more challenging!!!  We were going up and down the mountains in the mud and it was GREAT!  We then went to visit the beautiful La Fortuna Waterfall look-out point and ride through exotic plantations of banana, papaya, yucca, avocado, black pepper and fruit trees. We could have gone swimming in the natural, crystal-clear waters at the famous “El Salto” River and Tarzan Swing and cascades all year round.  We then had a nice typical lunch before returning to where we started.  Our guide had a parrot and we watched him feed the parrot my left over eggs.  The driver then returned us to our hotel where we had a few hours to wait before our next adventure, kayaking on Lake Arenal.  I do have to say, the ATV was the most fun that either of us have ever had!  It ROCKED and I can not wait to do it again!  This afternoon we were met at the hotel for our transfer to Lake Arenal.  Lake kayaking on the placid, beautiful Lake Arenal offers extraordinary views of the Arenal Volcano, rising up from the lake's southwestern shore.  This is the same area that you would board a boat for the jeep / boat / jeep transfer to Monteverde.  You can actually see Monteverde to the front of you and Arenal Volcano to the left side of you.  This was our 2nd experience at kayaking and we were both looking forward to this.  We got to the middle of the lake and got a couple photos and you guessed it the rain started!!!!!  It came down hard and then stopped . . .so we continued around to the area that was destroyed by the volcano eruption in 1968.  Hind site we should have quit after the 1st rain we got, but we didn’t.  It wasn’t long until this peaceful lake had white caps and looked like a beach we could go surfing.  It was raining and the lightening and thunder had scared the hell of out both of us.  My right arm hurt from riding the ATV and holding the gas and then the kayaking I was using muscles I don’t usually….. but I was scared and I have never paddled so hard in my life.  I kept turning back to John and yelling come on John keep going.  If you took a break for a second you were pushed back by the wind and the waves – I was willing him to come on and get out of the water!  He was scared and I think that our guide was also!  NOTE to self: do not plan activities in the afternoon it typically rains!  We got back and the driver had pineapple and watermelon all cut up for us – we were so wet we hated to sit on the seats – as soon as we got back to the hotel we took a hot shower and sat out on our porch again to stare at the volcano.  We had a day full of ADVENTURE!  Tomorrow is a day full of work for me…. Visiting hotels

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