Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 2 September 16 Rio Celeste

About we were awakened by the howler monkeys.  John had never heard this wonderful incredible sound of the howler monkey wake up call!  It was GREAT!!!!  We were still tired from the day before so we went back to sleep.  The monkeys tried a couple more times to wake us up and then the birds also tried.  About 730AM we finally decided it was time to start the day.  We enjoyed a fruit plate for breakfast with some terrific fresh baked bread and enjoyed a guided tour of the hotel.  This is a new boutique hotel, open only 16 months and is the sister hotel to the Arenal Nayara.  They are a work in progress without a doubt but a wonderful new area with beautiful views!  The hotel is located about 1 hour from Arenal near the Tenorio National Park and the Rio Celeste. 
After our tour we changed for a short hike on a well marked and maintain trails that are behind the hotel.  All trails lead to the Rio Celeste River and was self guided.  We wondered around for a little over an hour and when we returned to the lodge we relaxed in one of the 3 hot tubs around the pools.  We dried off by the sun and then we were rained on!  We gathered our stuff and back to the room and set outside on our balcony listening to the river and the rain!
After lunch it was still raining so nap time!  When we woke up we went to the bar area to upload our photos and enjoyed a nice cold beer.  Wireless only in restaurant, bar and computer room.  Our waiter Juan bought us our 1st beer! 

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